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We are here to help you find the perfect fit for both you and your horse. All our saddles are custom built to order in England. Contact us to find out more about our saddles, or to find out how to arrange a saddle fitting.

Saddle Fittings

We have an ever-expanding team of ESC Saddle Advisers and also work with certain ESC Approved Independent Saddle Fitters. Contact us for details for your area.

Saddle Trials

After your fitting, a 7-Day-At-Home-Trial is available prior to placing your order so that you can be really sure you are choosing the right saddle for you and your horse.

Quality & Affordability

Our English leather, Master Saddler crafted saddles are of the highest quality, and yet they are still highly affordable with various payment options available. It is our mission to provide saddles that genuinely fit both owner and horse.

Quality. Durability. Affordability.

About Us

  • The journey to find true comfort, performance and fit

    The English Saddle Company (ESC), was formed in 2010 by Catherine Baxter, with the aim of bringing a wider choice of high quality, affordable, hand-made English leather saddles to New Zealand. The mission was to:

    • Achieve true comfort, performance and fit for both horse and rider
    • Provide the ability to order saddles that specifically meet both the horse and rider's requirements
    • Maintain high quality and affordability in all products

    Originally from England, Catherine has ridden all her life. She gained a bachelors degree in Equine Studies from Warwickshire College, before moving to New Zealand in 2003 and attending a saddle fitting course with Dr Kerry Ridgway, DVM; she continues to study and research saddle dynamics and fit.

    It was whilst working with Equinology Equine Body Worker and Saddle Fitting Assessor, Sarah Linton, that Catherine discovered the gap between what is currently available in New Zealand compared to what is needed for the now-common wider and difficult to fit horses.

    Over the last few years in New Zealand the variety of horses used for riding has increased and, as with elsewhere in the world, breeds previously not used under saddle are now commonly ridden; for instance Irish Draught, Clydesdale & Cleveland Bay crosses and similar heavier/wider breeds are now widespread.

    This means that many of the ‘traditional’ styles of saddle no longer work for a lot of horses. More and more we are seeing broad, barrel-shaped horses with no wither, large shoulders, high in the hindquarters and flat backs. These horses need particular styles of saddles if they are to be ridden without causing repetitive soreness and injury.

    The English Saddle Company will work with you to find the best possible saddle for you and your horse and, if your ideal saddle is not in stock, we can order a saddle specifically to meet your requirements, which will generally be with you around 6 weeks after placing your order.

    Our aim is for you and your horse to be as comfortable in your saddle as possible, meaning you can both reach your full potential. We also believe that a good quality, well-fitting saddle shouldn’t cost you a small fortune and aim to bring you a high quality range of saddles at affordable prices, with a range of payment options and finance available, including the option to either take an Approved Saddle Fitter Discount or choose to pay through Q Card Finance.

Your Saddle. Your Way.

Saddles & Tack

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  • "Our mare was proving difficult to fit until we contacted The English Saddle Company. Our challenge was a tall rider and a short backed horse needing good clearance for her shoulders. We tried so many other saddles on the market but they would all have caused serious damage over time because they were too long! Without having to have a custom made saddle at huge cost, we now have a happy horse and rider using a very competively priced saddle. Thanks to Catherine bringing us a great product where no compromise was needed. You owe it to the well being of your horse to get it right."

    Sarah De Geest - Competitor, Farrington GP

  • "Well, after 140km last weekend, both mares' backs showed no dry areas or scuffing during the rides and were great the day after, with no tender or sore spots in or behind the saddle area."

    Hilary Webb - Endurance, Farrington GP

  • "Saddle is amazing have had a heap of comments on it too, just love it it's comfortable now and worn in nicely!! Horses seem to like it too! Many thanks, your company is fabulous."

    Nikki Cheyne - Showing, Farrington GP

  • "I bought my MKII Heritage Event Saddle from Catherine. My horse is young and still growing, and is particularly hard to fit. The leather is so soft, the fit is so good and the horse moves so well! I was provided with a cost-competitive solution that couldn't be beaten. I send the saddle back every now and then to widen or narrow depending on his growth. It always returns a couple days after I have sent it. The quality and customer service is unbeatable."

    Kristin & Ronan - All Rounder, MKII Event

  • "For us, because of the long distances the horses have to run for, the fitting is paramount...the Farrington GP is made with quality workmanship, (and) sits the rider in a very good position...Horse & rider went on to compete & qualify 120km at the National Champs for second position."

    Marie, Stu & Chief - Endurance, Farrington GP

  • "Our criteria was quality leather, wool panels, sprint tree, fit and freedom of movement for the horse; balance, comfort and security for the rider. The ASC Solstice ticks all the boxes and Catherine's knowledge and support throughout has been great. Highly recommended!"

    Garry & Vicki - Endurance, ASC Solstice

  • Congratulations to Jed Southcombe and his horses Perfect Elegance & Ad A Little Lena for their success at the 2013 Federation Championship Show. Jed and Elegance won the Hunter Under Saddle Showcase in their Farrington GP, and then went on to win the Showcase Reining on his mare Lena.

    Jed Southcombe - Western, Farrington GP

  • "To sum it all up, I am loving my new saddle!!! It's so flash!! I can do everything in it from a bit of dressage to trekking, and it is so comfortable and nice to ride in, and it looks REALLY good on Gold's. After putting a few layers of Effax leather cream on it it has caused the saddle to go to a gorgeous rich brown colour and I have had some really nice complements on how nice it looks."

    Laura Cannon & Goldie - All Rounder, Farrington GP

  • "I got a Farrington Jumping saddle custom made through you. I just want to let you know how happy I am with it, I am tall and we had the flaps made a little longer, it is perfect and it could not have fitted both me and my horse any better."

    Jane Maxwell - Eventer/Hunter, Farrington Custom Jump

  • "I got a Farrington Jumping saddle custom made through you. I just want to let you know how happy I am with it, I am tall and we had the flaps made a little longer, it is perfect and it could not have fitted both me and my horse any better."

    Abbie & Mo - All Rounder, Farrington Forward GP

  • "Kid and pony both seem very happy with new saddle so all looking very good!!! Thank you! Breeze is actually starting to jump nicely for the first time ever so maybe her problems have been around for a long time. She has always been reluctant to jump. No longer a problem! We are amazed at how she is jumping everything Tanesha points her at now with ease. Both pony and rider were nervous over jumps and now I cant stop either of them!!"

    Tracey Thompson - Pony Club, Pony GP

  • "So the saddle is fantastic to ride in, fits Kama beautifully & is such a well made quality saddle I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for your patience, help & doing everything you could to make sure Kama & I got the right saddle, I am an English Saddle Company convert now!"

    Amy & Kama - Show Jumping, Falcon F1 Jump

  • "Catherine has followed up the sale with enquiries about our satisfaction, and has relayed our feedback to the saddler. Catherine has also offered a free gullet width alteration, should the wide uneven station bred ever change shape. Now you don’t get that sort of service from your average shoe shop! I have already recommended The English Saddle Company to a number of my riding contacts. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty finding a good quality saddle to suit themselves and their horse."

    Jenny & Max - All Rounder, Adam Ellis UKS X-Trail

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